Ovate Clothing

I’ve decided to add the occasional fashion post on my blog here because I think it would be great to have a mixture of things on here and I’ve decided to make my first fashion-related post about an independent clothing label that I discovered through a girl I follow on Instagram; and that is Ovate Clothing. Ovate Clothing have been among one of the clothing labels I’ve adored for ages but never got around to purchasing anything from them. Recently, I heard that when the Ovate’s designer, Audrey Cantwell, was retiring one of her iconic pieces, the Valhalla Hoodie, I finally caved an purchased my first Ovate clothing piece, along with another and have built up a little collection of their pieces.
Ovate are an independently owned and operated clothing label in Montreal, Canada. Everything is designed and handmade by Audrey Cantwell, whom I believe started her clothing label in 2011 and has since then built her brand upwards and has since developed a loyal clientele.
Each of the garments are made from “noble materials” – silks, cottons, leathers, hemp, wool, linen and other natural fibres. Cantwell steers away from man-made and artificial materials where she can for nothing is as tenacious or as beautiful as what Mother Nature can make.

In ancient times, an Ovate was a diviner, a healer, a prophet and a seer. They could transcend time, read into the future, contact ancestors and spirits and had a thorough understanding of the mysteries of death and rebirth. Essentially, the Seer in the History Channel TV series, “Vikings” (a personal favourite of mine ^_^), is an ovate.

All clothing labels have their own unique aesthetic and appeal to various audiences. Ovate clothing creates elegance and beauty through minimalism and simplicity, in a nutshell. But with a simple garment, such as a pair of black leggings, comes a multitude of ways to dress it up or down, and make it unique. Wearing Ovate pieces, Cantwell’s vision of her clothing label is evident in the pieces. And it’s beautiful.
A personal favourite of mine is the Black Boiled Wool coat. We all know that coats are to keep you warm in winter but this item is unlined and can also be worn during autumn (or fall) and even during the cooler spring and summer periods. And to top it off, it has a custom made scythe on atop one of the shoulders to fasten the coats front so it can be worn closed with a draped front, allowing plenty of room for chunky cowls and scarves.


I am also loving the Odessa dress which is a linen hemp maxi dress with a long, hessian shawl attached to it, which can be worn as a scarf or a shawl; an ideal piece for the summer and spring seasons.


I rarely get my hands on new clothes and in recent times, I’ve started to expand my wardrobe from just my basics and experimenting with different textures of fabrics and finding what I find comfortable for me. Ovate pieces are just a few that I have included and my collection of Ovate clothing items will be growing. The quality of the clothes is impeccable and they’re all designed and constructed so beautifully. It’s great to see independent designers start a store on Etsy or any other web-store hosting site with a dream that their brand will grow and develop a loyal group of clients and Ovate is a testament to that.





Celtic Festival 2014

I’ve attended the local Highland Gathering for years with my grandma each year, for as long as I can remember but in recent times, due to getting caught up with work, I’ve not been able to attend. Until today when I decided that I would take a break and do something for myself, by myself and go on an adventure. I could have spent the day at home getting nowhere with my studies, reading or basking in Diablo 3’s new glorious and rewarding Adventure Mode, but I chose to attend the Celtic Festival, about an hour and half drive from my town.
While there wasn’t much to see and do on the first day as the second day is usually when it is in it’s full glory and there are lots of things to do there, the day could not have been better.

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First post – Mae g’ovannen! Welcome, and thrice, welcome!

Mae g’ovannen! Welcome to Ered Luins! I’m Courtney, a games design student and hobbyist concept and character artist from Australia and a bookworm, art and Tolkien enthusiast. This blog inspires me to post my ideas and thoughts and put them into words and pictures when they may otherwise be forgotten.

I’ll be documenting my progress in game’s design, digital art, and anything else I am working on or whatever may be on my mind. During the week, I work in suiting and tailoring for a suit boutique in my city. I frequently use Photoshop CS6, Illustrator, Autodesk Maya, 3DS Max and Zbrush, with my weapon of mass creation, the Wacom Inutos Pro Medium. More so, I want this blog to be a giant creative space, a community and a Hobbit hole, not a nasty wet hole full of oozy smells but one with good food, a warm hearth and all the comforts of home. I welcome you all to stay for not just first and second breakfast, but elevenses, afternoon tea, dinner and supper. I’m available for freelance work, and for guest posts on websites, and thus return the favour. Namárië